Mother's Day Marked In Afghanistan


Mother’s Day was celebrated at a gathering in Kabul on Monday, where the Chief Executive of Afghanistan, Abdullah Abdullah, said women are the real champions of this country.

“We hope that there are no tears in the eyes of mothers for martyrdom of their sons anymore. Sons of this soil sacrifice their life to defend this country and mothers bear their pain,” he said.

Meanwhile, TOLOnews’ Mir Abid Joyenda interviewed a woman who is the mother of five children. She said she is not even aware of the day as she is so caught up in her problems.

Masouma, who lives in the western areas of Kabul, said she sells cotton to earn money to feed her family.

“I was in Pakistan. It was my profession there as well. I came here and I do the same to help my family. Women should not stay home; They should work,” she said.

Meanwhile, a number of residents celebrated the day by giving flowers to security force members’ mothers in Kabul.

“My son is an army soldier. It is a pride for me. This is the mother’s day for me,” said Bakhtawar, mother of a police force member.

It is said that women still have little access to health care and other services in the country.

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