MPs Call on NDS To Identify Double Agents

Amid growing concerns over ‘double agents’ – popularly referred to as the fifth pillar in government – MPs in parliament on Monday called on the National Directorate of Security (NDS) and other Afghan security agencies to investigate and identify these so-called spies.

The call for the exposure of these reported double agents believed to be ensconced within the Afghan political system comes a day after former Jihadi leader Abdul Rab Rassoul Sayyaf claimed that terror attacks conducted in the country are being plotted from within Kabul.

“The enemy is operating under the nose of the system. If these elements weren’t identified, we will face damaging consequences,” Sayyaf said, warning that if the insurgents are able to work from within Kabul, they will be able to wage war from inside the city limits.

Reacting to Sayyaf’s claims, the lawmakers urged the Afghan spy agencies to probe the allegations, adding that Sayyaf must also offer evidence to back up his allegations so as to avoid upsetting the nation.

In recent months rumors over the existence of the so-called fifth pillar inside government has drastically increased and many people believe that the existence of such elements pose a serious threat to national security.

Responding to Sayyaf’s claims, parliament’s internal security commission on Monday called for action by the NDS to assess the allegations and probe the identities of these so-called spies.

“National Unity Government, particularly the NDS and other agencies, must investigate Sayyaf’s claims. I am sure that he will have sufficient evidence to back up such claims,” MP Mirdad Khan Nejrabi said.

“There is no place for negligence regarding Sayyaf’s statement. There is a need for solid action to be taken to detect the fifth pillar within the system,” MP Iqbal Safai said on Monday.

“Sayyaf should clarify his claims, otherwise he should not distress the people,” MP Gulalai Noor Safai said.

“The National Unity Government should speak to Sayyaf about the claims and investigate the issue in order to identify the fifth pillar elements and arrest them on the basis of evidence,” MP Dawoud Kalakani said.

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