MPs Criticize Govt Over Supreme Court Move Following Dismissal Of Ministers


A number of MPs on Saturday criticized government for referring the cases of dismissed ministers to the Supreme Court and warned that they will reject the next fiscal year’s budget if the court decides to overrule their decision.

“Summoning of ministers is one of the legal rights of members of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament). No one has the right to interfere in this respect,” said Zahir Qadir, deputy speaker of Wolesi Jirga.

“MPs should reject the next fiscal year’s budget if government keeps the dismissed ministers in their posts. This is your authority. President [Ashraf Ghani] should clarify and end this issue himself,” said Abdul Rahman Rahmani, an MP.

Government is reportedly withholding comment until after the Supreme Court has ruled.

“A dictator comes and heads the system and takes any decision he wants; on elections, ministers, budgets, laws and on the Supreme Court. And then you [MPs] remain silent, and so do the people,” said Nahid Farid, another MP.

Abdul Ghayur, a lawyer, meanwhile said: “In Afghanistan, viewpoints are prioritized instead of the law and the national interests of the Afghan people. These viewpoints will lead Afghanistan into a crisis.”

“The Supreme Court is the only platform that can resolve this issue between the two pillars [government and parliament]. The law states this clearly,” said Tawab Danish, another lawyer.

This comes after the Lower House summoned a number of cabinet ministers this week to report on their development budget spend. Seven of the ministers were dismissed.

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