MPs Seek Immediate End to 'Caretaking' Trend

Some lawmakers on Monday raised the issue of key posts in the National Unity Government (NUG) still being led by caretakers 10 months after coming into power. They said that should government, in the next week, introduce minister of defense, attorney general and Supreme Court member candidates, they will postpone their summer break in order to deal with the process.

They have criticized the caretaking trend and said the government could face detrimental consequences because of this.

“We have continued to ask the president [Ashraf Ghani] and the chief executive [Abdullah Abdullah] to introduce the defense minister, the attorney general and other key nominees because they need a vote of confidence from parliament,” said Nazir Ahmad Ahmadzai, the second deputy head of the Lower House (Wolesi Jirja).

“If the candidates for the key posts are introduced within the next week, we will not go for summer break because the country needs a defense minister and other key people. This is not our problem. This is the government’s problem,” he added.

Ahmadzai was speaking just 16 days before the MPs go on their official summer break of 45 days.

“The absence of a defense minister prevents better arrangements of affairs. Unfortunately, Mr. [Masoom] Stanikzai who failed to get a sufficient vote of confidence from lawmakers, is working as acting defense minister which is against the law,” said Hafiz Mansoor, an MP from Kabul.

Meanwhile, NUG officials have said that they are preparing to introduce the nominees for a vote of confidence to the Lower House.

“Discussions and consultations are ongoing about those who will be introduced for the key posts. We have reached an agreement on some issues,” said Mujiburrahman Rahimi, the chief executive’s spokesman.

“We have made progress on other issues as well. Candidates for the key posts will be introduced in the near future,” he added.

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