MSF Shocked By US Investigation


The Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has sharply criticized the U.S over their findings following the investigation into the airstrike that destroyed their hospital in Kunduz last month.

Speaking to TOLOnews, MSF country director for Afghanistan Gilliam Mulini said the organization had been shocked by the statement made by Gen. John F. Campbell the Resolute Support mission’s commander in Afghanistan.

Mulini asked how it was possible to dismiss the deaths of 30 people as a “mistake” and to say that the bombing was attributed to “human error” and a lack of coordination.

The air raid was carried out by U.S troops on the Kunduz MSF trauma facility on October 3 and lasted 29 minutes. Campbell said the building had been mistaken for that of a nearby government facility that was thought to have been under Taliban control.

Campbell said: “US forces Afghanistan is currently working hand in hand with MSF to identify the injured and families of those who lost loved ones in order that we may offer appropriate condolences. Based upon the information learned during the investigation, the report determined that the approximate cause of this tragedy was the direct result of avoidable human error, compounded by process and equipment failures.”

However the results of the investigation and Campbell’s remarks have raised other questions for MSF officials who are concerned the incident will be forgotten. Mulini said that unless something is done, a global protest will take place.

He said: “We still have no explanation. We still didn’t receive the report. There is no transparency and accountability that was promised is not there. The public couldn’t access this report and so we still don’t know how, we still don’t know in a way why this incident was not avoided by these people.”

However, he went on to say that despite everything, they are glad that the initial rumors of them having harbored Taliban insurgents in their hospital could now be put to rest as this had undermined the activities of the organization in Afghanistan.

He added: “Positive impact of this press conference is that all the allegations that the hospital could have been used for any military activity was actually untrue and is not confirmed by the US, NATO and Afghan reports so that is the first thing that we are in a way happy that now the truth is coming [out].”

The deadly attack on the MSF hospital in Kunduz claimed the lives of 30 people, including doctors, staff, patients and visitors. The hospital was completely destroyed in the attack.

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