Mullah Omar Killed The Day Qatar Office Opened: Taliban

Mullah Manan Niyazi, a spokesman for Mullah Akhtar Mansour’s opposing Taliban faction, has said that former Taliban leader Mullah Omar was killed on the day the Taliban opened their office in Qatar, which was about two and a half years ago.

He went on to say that the news of Mullah Omar’s death was kept hidden by Mullah Mansour.

Mullah Niyazi also said the Taliban’s former leader was opposed to talks, which were scheduled to start after the opening of the Qatar office.

“The day the Taliban office opened in Qatar was the same day Mulla Omar was killed but this news was kept hidden,” Mullah Niyazi said.

“The recent incidents happening among Taliban are a game that Iranians, Pakistanis and Americans started in Afghanistan,” Niyazi added.

Meanwhile, Mullah Rassoul, from the breakaway Taliban faction, addressed his supporters in Ghoryan district of Herat province recently and criticized Mullah Mansour.

He said: “All those who are along with Mullah Akhtar Mansour either they are officials or scholars who have been paid and we are aware of this issue. Those scholars who did not accept money and did not sell their conscience are being threatened with death.”

This comes amid ongoing rumors of Mullah Mansour’s death – at the hands of rival Taliban members. However, in a bid to quash the speculation, the Taliban released an audio tape last week purportedly made by their leader in a bid to prove he was alive.

The person who claimed to be Mullah Mansour on the tape did however mention that there were differences of opinion among Taliban commanders.

“Among key members of the Emirate and those who are emirate officials the conflicts are not in that stage that they are killing each other,” said the person on the tape.

He went on to say: “Be assured we are not fighting with anyone for the sake of power, we are moving in our rightful path which is the Sharia path.”

But a political analyst Nazar Mohammad Mutamin said: “When military, governors and individuals associated with the Taliban stand beside one of the Taliban group it is natural that that side is more powerful.”

But so far a number of clashes have broken out between the two factions and analysts believe that with each passing day disputes increase among the Taliban groups.

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