Music Concert Held In Kabul In Memory Of Paris Attack Victims

A mystical music concert was held at the French embassy in Kabul on Monday evening in memory of those killed in last week’s Paris attacks.

Organized by the Afghanistan Institute of Strategic Studies (AISS) the concert was a way to show France that Afghanistan understood it’s pain.
Head of AISS Daud Muradian said that Afghanistan is a country which has been the victim of terrorism for many years. He said that the people of Afghanistan feel the pain of the French following the deadly attacks.

“As you know Afghanistan is one of the affected countries which has suffered from terrorist attacks massively and we are here to express our sympathy with you, because it is tragic to us as well,” Muradian said.

Addressing guests at the concert, French ambassador to Kabul Jean-Michel Marlaud said that terror attacks in Paris not only killed French citizens, but it was also a painful moment for the world.

The most important thing is that the concert is seen as paying homage to the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris and this is why we decided to invite those of you who expressed your sorrow and grief over the incident, he said.

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