NAI Slams Pakistani Media Over Comments About Ghani


NAI, an organization supporting open media in Afghanistan, strongly condemned the recent statements made by Pakistani media against Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

According to a press release issued by NAI on Wednesday, the organization said: “At the Heart of Asia Conference, held on Sunday in the Indian city of Amritsar, President Ashraf Ghani pointed to $500 million Pakistani financial aid to Afghanistan and advocated the neighboring nation spend the amount on fighting terrorism on its soil.”

“But, Ghani’s statement drew some irresponsible reactions from the Pakistani media. In retaliation, the Pakistani media used a number of insulting terms against President Ghani which NAI believes were against human ethics, against Ghani and the principals of journalism,” the statement said.

“NAI strongly condemns these remarks and deems them an insulting act which is also contrary to journalistic principles and in fact NAI believes it is an insult to the entire Afghan people, therefore NAI asks the Pakistani media to offer an apology to the people of Afghanistan,” the statement reads.

According to NAI, media outlets and journalists have the responsibility of bridging gaps between the nations, therefore any move which signals division and hatred between nations in the world must be probed and legal action must be taken.

“NAI also asks the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to act against the media outlets that spread hatred, division and disintegration and avoid these media outlets that strive to create disintegration between the two nations of Afghanistan and Pakistan,” the statement concluded.

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