Nangarhar Family Rescued From Daesh


An Afghan family has been rescued from an area controlled by Daesh in the eastern province of Nangarhar, after an operation by Afghan security forces.

The family of 19 were trapped in their home in their village in the Pachir Agaam district of Nangarhar by Daesh fighters who threatened to kill them if they attempted to leave.

The 70-year old family elder, who gave his name as Malang, said his family were stuck in their house for ten days, finally escaping with the help of Afghan security forces battling Daesh fighters in the area.

“They (Daesh) came to us and told us not go anywhere. I asked them that if we don’t move what else should we do, what have I done wrong, why did you come here? They told us that we have got you and we will kill you.”

Two family members were wounded in cross-fire and Malang’s wife is still missing.

Basmel Gul, Malang’s daughter-in-law said: “Daesh had taken over everywhere, we were stuck in our home, there was no way to get out. We were stuck in our home for ten days, we didn’t have water or food, our children only had bread to eat.”

The family has been given accommodation in the provincial capital, Jalalabad, and is seeking help from government, after leaving what little they had behind.

Attaullah Khogyani, Nangarhar provincial spokesman said: “Our security force carried out an operation in Pachir Aggam district and when our forces pushed back Daesh fighters, 19 civilians who were stuck in the village were rescued by our forces.”

Nangarhar province borders Pakistan and is regarded as the main Afghan stronghold of Daesh.

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