Nangarhar Residents Celebrate 97 Years Of Independence


Hundreds of Nangarhar residents gathered in Jalalabad city on Wednesday night and Thursday where they enjoyed special Independence Day ceremonies, concerts and other entertainment programs.

They said the fact they were able to celebrate 97 years of independence brought a new dimension to Nangarhar, one that was free of violence and war.

“I liked our air forces’ show,” said Nawen Hasanzai a resident.

“It is the first time in my life that we could celebrate our country’s independence day in Nangarhar in such glory,” said Romal another resident.

The ceremonies were also attended by provincial officials – many of whom placed wreaths on the tomb of King Amanullah Khan.

“We will not forget our thousands of youths who are heroes in our wars, and it is all because of their sacrifices that today we are celebrating our independence,” said Provincial Governor Salim Kunduzi.

Afghan Hindus and Sikhs also celebrated Independence Day and held their own entertainment shows at the Sherzai Stadium in Jalalabad city.

To mark Independence Day, domestic products were also exhibited at an expo in Jalalabad city.

It is said that this year Independence Day ceremonies were celebrated with far more aplomb than in the past in Nangarhar.

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