Nangarhar Troops Celebrate Eid Days on Battleground


Soldiers fighting Daesh rebels in Kot district in Nangarhar province, say nothing will make them happier than seeing their countrymen spend Eid days in a peaceful and happy environment.

The district is not yet fully cleared of Daesh militants and fear continues in the hearts of residents and children of the district in particular.

“We are here to provide security to the residents on Eid days. When people celebrate their Eid in a secure environment, it means everything to us,” said a soldier in Kot.

“We are happy to defend our country, even if we are far from our own families. We will not allow anyone to attack our land,” another soldier in Kot district said.

Statistics show that besides other terrorist groups, nearly 1,000 Daesh militants are active in Nangarhar province.

Meanwhile security forces in the south have given people the assurance that they will eliminate Daesh in Nangarhar province.

“Daesh militants have been defeated and are retreating. We will follow them until they go defeated back to those who sent them,” said Zorawar Zahid, Nangarhar’s police chief.

“Daesh militants have not only retreated from Kot district, but we will pursue them in other areas where they have bases. We will also pursue them to Shenwari district and other areas where they have bases and eliminate them” said Salim Khan Kunduzi Nangarhar governor.

The comments come at a time while Kot district is one of the most insecure districts in Nangarhar province. In the most recent Daesh attack in the district, they killed many residents and burned down their houses.

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