Nangarhar Urges Govt To Probe Qadir's Claims

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A number of Nangarhar residents, tribal elders and civil society activists on Wednesday appealed to government to investigate claims made this week by first deputy speaker of the Wolesi Jirga, Abdul Zahir Qadir, who accused the National Security Council of being in support of Daesh.

Those present at the meeting also urged Qadir not to conduct any activities against government’s orders.

“If the remarks are true then people must know what to do and the government must clear up the issue so people know the truth,” said Fraidon Momand, a Nangarhar MP.

Meanwhile Nangarhar tribal elders asked the central government to send a delegation to investigate reasons behind insecurity in Nangarhar.

“People demand that a delegation is sent to investigate reasons for insecurity in Nangarhar and people should not have to live in fear,” said Malik Osmani, one tribal elder.

“If Zahir Qadir’s remarks are true then for his legitimacy he must provide documents otherwise Qadir must avoid making such remarks,” said Zahir Haqani another tribal elder.

Meanwhile Salim Khan Kunduzi, Nangarhar provincial governor, spoke out about sending illegal armed men to Achin district of Nangarhar province.

“First deputy speaker of the house Abdul Zahir Qadir – without discussing or coordinating with local government – has sent more than 200 illegally-armed men to Achin district,” said Salim Khan the provincial governor.

In addition, in response to reaction over the issue, Abdul Zahir Qadir said: “We agreed at a meeting with government that up to 2,000 people, in collaboration with government, will be rolled out in local police ranks so I took the necessary steps and purchased weapons from my own resources,” said Qadir.

On Monday, Qadir accused the National Security Council of being in support of Daesh in the province. He told parliament Daesh receives support from specific circles from inside the government. The allegations were however denied by government.

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