NATO Vows To Continue Its Train, Advise, Assist Mission In Afghanistan


NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, said on Thursday that although NATO’s combat mission in Afghanistan has come to an end, the organization will continue to train, advise and assist Afghan security forces.

NATO Defence Ministers in a two-day meeting in Brussels discussed the current situation around the globe.

Stoltenberg said that NATO is committed to bringing about stability to Afghanistan.

“For instance in Afghanistan, which is also connected to this fight, where we have ended our combat operation but where NATO continues to train, assist and advise the Afghan forces to enable them to fight terror and to stabilize their own country,” he added.

He said that training of Afghan security forces is a good option towards stability in Afghanistan.

Stoltenberg went on to say: “So this thinking of training local forces, projecting stability without deploying our own combat forces I very much believe in the long run is a more sustainable solution and a path we should follow.”

NATO currently has some 13,000 troops in Afghanistan, who despite train, advise and assist mission, also undertake counter-terrorism missions.

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