NDS Chief Apologizes For Taliban's Siege Of Kunduz


Chief of Afghan intelligence agency—the National Directorate of Security (NDS) – has apologized to the people of Kunduz over security forces’ failure to thwart last week’s Taliban attack on the city.

Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai acknowledged that retaliation by government forces was weak in the Kunduz battle.

As war in parts of Kunduz rages, the parliament’s defense committee on Monday summoned key security officials including the minister of defense, minister of interior and head of the NDS to respond to questions over a dramatic surge in violence on multiple fronts across the nation.

“We apologize to the people of Kunduz, I think we all must offer an apology, because we failed to do our work in a way that could help prevent the event,” said Stanekzai, referring to last week’s Taliban attack on Kunduz.‎ ‎ “But now we are in the final stage of the war, today the war in Afghanistan has reached its peak,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Defense Abdullah Habibi has said that insurgent groups want to create a footprint in Afghanistan.

“The enemy was defeated several times, but still they are continuing their efforts and this will not be their final defeat, as well as in the future the enemy will strive to create a footprint in some districts or provinces,” he said.

In addition to this, Minister of Interior Taj Mohammad Jahed said that Taliban insurgents have launched at least 150 offensives in seventeen provinces over a week including 215 military movements but that security forces foiled the majority of their plots.

Senators expressed outraged over the justifications offered by the security officials.

“First Allah and then it is the government forces who save provinces from the Taliban takeover, but problem exists in the leadership,” said Senator Hashim Alokozai.

“There is one armored tank against each Taliban fighter in Kunduz, we flee the scene despite having all the necessary equipment,” said Senator Abdullah Qarloq.

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