Nearly 200 Security Forces Under Siege By Taliban


A number of Parliament Members (MPs) and the families of soldiers have said almost 200 security force members are under siege by the Taliban in four districts of Uruzgan and southern Helmand provinces‎.

They have appealed to government to step in and help.

MPs from the provinces and families of the affected soldiers said if government does not break the siege, there will be shocking consequences.

“If government does not pay attention to them and does not rescue them, we will witness another tragedy,” said Raihana Azad, an MP from Uruzgan.

The families indicate that the soldiers have been under siege for about two months but the Ministry of Defense (MoD) has said the issue has been resolved.

“They are not under siege, but there was problems in the Ismaiel military base because of its geographic location. Then they were put together in Merwais base,” said Mohammad Radmanish, deputy spokesman of MoD.

“He called me and said it is about two days that we have not eaten anything and said it may be the last time you hear my voice. It is very difficult and painful for me,” said a mother whose son is under siege in Uruzgan.

Nearly 200 soldiers have been under Taliban siege in the Gizab, Chora, Deh Rawudand Charchino districts of Uruzgan province.

There have however been reports in the past of soldiers under siege who have then been kidnapped and killed by insurgents.

“If government does not break the siege and does not rescue them, the trust between officers and soldiers, between government and soldiers will weaken,” said Atiqullah Amarkhil, a former military officer.

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