Needy Families Can't Afford EID Celebrations


The extreme poverty the neediest families in capital Kabul have to contend with, deprived them from celebrating Eid days.

The families said that their Eid will be limited to the day when they have enough food on their tables.

In this report TOLOnews correspondents visited a number of poor families on Eid days.

Nooruddin, an employee of the municipality who has eight family members, is their only breadwinner.

He told TOLOnews he earned a salary of only 6,000 Afs per month. Of the 6,000 Afs he pays 3,000 Afs for his house rent. With the remaining 3,000 Afs he tries to take care of his family expenses.

Norruddin said that there is no one else to help him with his daily work. His small children depended on him.

Norruddin’s son Edris, is a year student and tried to help his farther on Eid days. During interview Edris was very upset because he did not have new clothes to wear on Eid days.

In the other hand religious scholars believes that Eid is an examination of Muslims generosity. They urged the rich people to help the poor at the time of Eid.

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