New Players to Join National Team Ahead of Japan Match

Slaven Skeledzic, the national soccer team’s German coach, said Wednesday that players based in Australia and Europe will join the Afghan squad for the World Cup 2018 qualifying matches against Japan.

“Ahead of the match against Japan, we will play a number of friendly matches against the teams which play like Japan,” Skeledzic told TOLOnews on Wednesday.

“We have discussed the issue with the football federation and will try to play friendly matches against South Korea, Thailand and Philippines because they follow a similar playing style to Japan and it will prepare our guys for their upcoming match.”

He said that they will invite new players to be part of the national squad against Japan. “We have talked with Milad Salem. He will be part of our team, definitely. And Yusuf Shirdil will also join us in our match against Japan,” he added.

Meanwhile, assistant coach of the national squad Ali Askar Lali told TOLOnews that they have large-scale plans on hand to replace a number of players in the team.

“We want to increase capacity of the national soccer team. We are trying to drop the players who have not played well in previous matches, and will replace them with fresh players,” he said.

Afghanistan’s national team will play against Japan in September in a series of World Cup 2018 qualifying matches.

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