Night Raids And Airstrikes In Kunduz To Eliminate Taliban

Afghan security forces officials from Speen Zar 808 Zone in Kunduz said on Thursday that the Taliban is no longer safe in the province as night raids and airstrikes have been launched in order to eliminate the insurgents once and for all.

According to Kunduz security officials, so far dozens of insurgents have been killed during these night raids and many tanks belonging to the Taliban have been destroyed.

Officials said foreign forces were also playing an effective role in the operation.

“Let me tell you night raids were stopped and the enemy was sure that at night there was no one to go after them. But we have started night raids again in Kunduz and so far the Taliban has suffered heavy casualties,” said Sher Aziz Kamawal 808 Kunduz zone police chief.

Meanwhile provincial acting-governor Hamdullah Danishi also emphasized the importance of the operation in Kunduz province.

“The importance of night raids is that at night government forces suffer less casualties and the enemy suffers more and also bigger operations can be conducted,” said Danishi.

Kunduz residents have welcomed the move but appeal to government to rid their province of the Taliban.

“Night raids are very good and the government must remove those Taliban who are still active close to the city and bring security back to the city,” said Zamarai one of the residents.

“We ask the government to return security to the province because the situation is not good in the province and Taliban are active in every part of Kunduz,” said Abdulhaq another resident.

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