Night Raids Boost Kandahar Security: Officials


Night raids have increased in parts of Kandahar in order to destroy militants’ hideouts and limit their activities, security officials said Saturday, adding that the operations have strengthened security in the southern province.

According to police officials, they have recently conducted a number of night raids in Reg village in Pajwai district, which is used by insurgents to cross to Maiwand and Zherai districts.

Afghan National Army (ANA), NDS operatives as well as national and local police force members participate the night raids in Kandahar, officials said.

“Our night operations have proved vital to eliminate and weaken the Taliban. We have a plan to target Taliban’s convoy in our upcoming raid,” said Hazrat Wali, acting police chief for Pajwai district.

The soldiers that have participated in the night raids said the operations have incurred heavy losses to the insurgent Taliban.

“We carried out a night raid and targeted a Taliban’s convoy that wanted to travel to Zherai district. The militants suffered heavy losses in this operation,” said Ahmadullah, an army soldier.

Gul Ahmad, a police force member in Kandahar, meanwhile said security in Pajwai has improved after a few night raids were carried out by the security forces in parts of the district.

“Night operations are very good to eliminate militants. Taliban has lost their power and security has improved in Pajwai,” he added.

This comes after Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission’s office in Kandahar said that civilian casualties have increased up to six percent in the province over the past three months – compared to the same period last year.

The officials said that militants are responsible for most of civilian casualties in the province.

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