No End In Sight For Kabul Power Outage


Kabul city has been without power for 13 days – almost two weeks that Afghan security forces have been trying to push back Taliban militants from the area where they blew up a power pylon.

Officials from Da Breshna Sherkat (DABS) said that they do not know when they will be able to rebuild the pylon.

“I don’t know when the power will be restored. Security forces should specify the time when they will allow us to rebuild the pylon,” said Wahidullah Tawhidi, spokesman for DABS.

He added that security forces have made no progress in the past 12 days in securing the area.

The Deputy Chief of Army Staff, General Murad Ali Murad, a few days ago assured people that power will be restored within two days.

This electricity outage has also inflicted losses for manufacturing companies.

“Production of oxygen is very important for hospitals and nitrogen is also important. However, the electricity outage has affected our activity,” said Fahim, a worker at Maihandost oxygen manufacturing plant.

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