NUG Accused Of Failure In Its Second Anniversary


Just one day ahead of the National Unity Government’s (NUG) second anniversary, a number of critics and former officials criticized the incumbent government for what they called failure in fulfilling its promises to the nation.

Former NDS chief Amrullah Saleh commented on the issue and said that maintaining the attention of the international community and the maintenance of government can be counted as main achievements of the NUG over the past two years.

“The leaders have disagreements in four areas: the authorities of the CEO [Abdullah Abdullah], electoral reform process, issuance of the electronic National Identity Cards and a misunderstanding in dividing the power equally,” Saleh said.

He added: “President Ghani has gained the international community’s attention. Hamid Karzai’s foreign policy was weak as he was in fight almost with every country [in the world],” he stated.

In the first day of the NUG in 29 September 2014, President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah vowed to bring reform to the electoral system, create jobs and improve the country’s economy.

On the inauguration of the NUG, Ghani said: “After every 100 days, we will evaluate the activities for one month. We will assess our activities and then we will opt for drafting the next 100 days plan.”

Also, at the same event in 2014, Abdullah said: “Supporting the human rights values, attention to women’s rights, starting the electoral reform process, providing the ground for amendment of the Constitution are among other commitments I and President Ghani made to the people,” Abdullah said.

Meanwhile, Sediq Patman, former deputy minister of education, said: “They [NUG leaders] have not fulfilled any of their promises. I hope that the NUG evaluates its two years of failure and in consultation with the people and political figures, prepare a logical plan for the future.”

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