NUG Blasted For not Appointing Diplomats on Merit

The practice by the National Unity Government (NUG) of not appointing Afghan ambassadors and other key diplomats on merit, will affect the country’s foreign standing, a number of analysts have warned.

President Ashraf Ghani recently appointed the former chief of Independent Election Committee Ahmad Yusuf Nuristani as ambassador to Spain and earlier his uncle Abdul Qayum Kochi as ambassador to Moscow.

According to reports, the Afghan government has appointed 20 ambassadors so far.

“Merit should be the main consideration when it comes to appointing Afghanistan’s ambassadors abroad. Diplomacy has a great role in maintaining relations with other countries,” said Barna Salehi, analyst in international relations.

“The appointment of ambassadors is a chance for distributing political privileges. It is also an opportunity for National Unity Government leaders to get rid of those who have been sidelined from the politics,” said Asif Ashna, political commentator.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs promised to hold a press conference on the issue on Tuesday, but this did not happen.

Analysts said they believe that government leaders have not fully fulfilled their commitments over the past two years and that instead they have tried to appoint their favorites in key posts.

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