NUG Has Had Problems In The Past Year: Abdullah


Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive of the National Unity Government (NUG) said on Monday at the Council of Ministers meeting that government accepts it has had problems over the past year.

Abdullah says that a year after the establishment of the National Unity Government some distrust by the nation exists and that regaining the people’s trust is a priority for the NUG. He said: “Regaining of the people’s trust is not only the work of two leaders but is the responsibility of all officials to work honestly for the people to improve their morale.”

“All responsible officials have duties to improve the people’s lives and move forward with their effective programs,” Abdullah said.

“We have passed tough days and people face massive problems.”

Abdullah assured the people that the tough days will end and that people’s lives will improve.

He said the government had recorded achievements but said that they have not been able to inform people of all gains made.

On a serious note, Abdullah called on people to stay in Afghanistan and not join the thousands of migrants fleeing the country.

“The youth have studied and their families have developed them … now some of them are leaving the country. Escaping is not the way out and the new generation should have self-confidence and we must also show that we are standing by our commitments to improve the situation,” he said.

This comes as a number of political analysts have criticizing government’s work in the past year.

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