NUG Prodded To Review Peace Talks


The Human Rights Research and Advocacy Consortium (HRRAC) and Afghan Women’s Network on Thursday asked the National Unity Government (NUG) to seriously review the peace process and the formation of the High Peace Council (HPC).

They said that this time an active representative of women should be involved in the talks.

“The civil society organizations are urging the government to increase the number of women in the HPC up to 30 percent,” said Qamar Niazi, member of HRRAC.

Fawzia Kofi, an MP, meanwhile said government should review the peace process. “The NUG should review the peace process and should start the peace talks and do its assignment at the first step,” she added.
A number of women activists meanwhile term the HPC as a symbolic organization.

“The women which are serving as members of the HPC have done a number of activities so far but what they have done have been symbolic and they have relied only on foreign trips and they have not had a role in the peace talks,” said Senator Rana Tarin.

The Afghan Women’s Network meanwhile urged the government to increase the role of women in peace talks.

“The Afghan government should start reviewing the peace talks and start the process and it should give more part to women,” member of the network, Samira Hamidi said.

The main demands of the Afghan Women’s Network are high presence of women in the peace talks, a review of the HPC activities and an evaluation of its formation.

“We have realized that Pakistan is not sincere in Afghan peace talks, thus the Afghan government should take the lead in the talks and seek help of other countries in this national process,” said Shahla Farid, member of the network.

The second round of the peace talks was delayed after the death of Taliban’s former leader Mullah Omar. The first round of the peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban representatives was held in Muree, Pakistan.

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