NUG Slammed For Not Implementing Commitments


The Chief Executive’s Office believes that over the past two-years, the national unity government (NUG) has taken important steps toward bringing about electoral reforms, fighting corruption and dealing with other important issues.

This comes just weeks before the second anniversary of the NUG.

However, political analysts insist that the NUG has not implemented the accord which they signed when they formed the government. They also accuse the NUG leaders of having created many commissions and councils over the past two-years to hide their negligence.

This comes at a time where reports on the workings of the Anti-Corruption High Council are still sketchy and where the country is still waiting for the roll out of the electoral reforms process.

As the NUG approaches its second anniversary, criticism by the public has gathered fresh momentum. People are particularly concerned that government has not fulfilled its promises to the people and that it has not implemented the articles of the accord.

The NUG leaders vowed at their inauguration ceremony that they would stamp out corruption and that they had serious plans to maintain security.

They also said to the people that they would provide job opportunities and would create a number of commissions in various fields to conduct affairs in a fair manner.

Mohammad Amin Farhang, a political analyst said: “There is a proverb that says if you do not want to get results from work, then form a commission. The NUG also created the anti-corruption high council and still its functions are not known. They promised to bring peace, but you hear the head of the peace council also resigned. As the NUG goes forward, the tensions between the leaders and political parties got serious which caused the international community to distrust the government.”

Hadi Miran, a political analyst said: “We have not seen the NUG sentencing any corrupt person. The NUG needs to have strong motivation to fight corruption.”

Furthermore, in the past two-years of the NUG, the electoral reforms process also faced numerous problems. Members of parliament rejected the president’s decree for electoral reforms twice and said that the NUG wants to put the blame on parliament.

“Unfortunately over the past two-years the NUG has not taken any practical steps toward bringing electoral reforms. We were concerned and voiced this, but until now nothing happened,” said Mohammad Naeem Ayoubzada, head of Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA).

Mohammad Asif Sediqi, a senator said: “It is necessary that parliament members who are against the electoral reforms process support it. And that government also has to implement whatever promises it made to the people.”

The NUG leaders accept that the commitments have not been implemented, but insist they will fulfill the promises.

Javid Faisal, spokesman for the CEO said: “We have done important activities in the past two years, but still lots of work remains. We are motivated to implement the promises and to get the international community’s trust.”

Despite all this, the NUG has not taken any steps to hold a Loya Jirga to amend the constitution.

As the NUG approaches its second anniversary, some opposition groups have said that if government does not fulfill its promises to the people, they will offer an alternative instead of NUG.

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