NUG's 'Inaction' Draws Fire Amid Vacant Cabinet Seats


President Ashraf Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah were criticized on Saturday for not having filled all cabinet positions, despite having been in power for two years.

One example is that of the key Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP) – which is still being headed by an acting minister.

Many believe that the NUG leaders are not doing anything to fill this post – an issue analysts said had increased mismanagement in the particular ministry.

After assuming office, Ghani said he will implement systematic reforms in the ministry of mines and petroleum. But this has not been done.

Economists believe that investments in the mining sector and extractions is the only way for Afghanistan to become self-sufficient.

“We implemented 30 reforms during the last year, another 30 reforms will be put in place this year in order to change the system which has dominated in the ministry of mines over the past 30 or 40 years,” said Muhaiuddin Noori, spokesman for the ministry.

Economic commentators believe that the national unity government over the past two years has not taken much of an interest in this sector.

“Mining is considered an important element of economic development, but the process has been totally forgotten and there are a lot of questions about it,” said economic analyst Sayed Massoud.

There are reports about the involvement of war-criminals, illegal armed groups and mafia in the illegal extraction of mines in several regions across the nation. It is also widely believed that insurgency is also being funded through illegal mining.

“The issue of acting chiefs should come to an end, the capacity of elites and their knowledge should be taken into consideration,” said senator Nisar Haris.

This comes just days before the Brussels Summit where the Afghan leaders will outline their programs about good governance and reforms.

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