Nuristani's Appointment Sparks 'Rift' Between Ghani, Foreign Minister


Sources have told TOLOnews that Foreign Affairs Minister Salahuddin Rabbani has opposed the appointment of former chief of Independent Election Committee Ahmad Yusuf Nuristani as ambassador of Afghanistan to Spain – which has allegedly sparked President Ashraf Ghani’s anger.

The sources said that Ghani and Rabbani locked horns over the issue.

The Presidential Palace and the Foreign Affairs Ministry refrained from commenting on this matter.

Meanwhile, a number of critics and MPs said that issuing decrees is the president’s right but the decrees should not be issued based on personal interests.

“It is usual that the president overcomes a problem when it happens, but now the president has appointed a figure and the Foreign Minister opposes this appointment and I don’t think there might be a technical problem; it is a personal and team-related problem,” said Tahir Hashemi, university lecturer.

MP Abdul Hafiz Mansour also criticized government for not considering merit when appointing senior officials – especially in a diplomatic position.

“They are under the telescope of a legal process. They should be tried instead of being appointed as ambassador or minister,” he said.

The sources also said that Ghani had ordered the Foreign Minister to appoint Nuristani as ambassador to Spain, but later issued a decree to this effect – after his order was not implemented by Rabbani.

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