Officials Concern over Daesh Activities in Badakhshan


Daesh rebels have started their activities in parts of Yumgan district in north-eastern Badakhshan province, local officials said Sunday, adding that they will leave no stone unturned to eliminate the insurgent group.

A propaganda video recently released by the insurgent group shows that a group of rebels in Khastaki area together raise the flags of Daesh and Taliban militants.

“Daesh has activities in Afghanistan. The group is supported by the ISI of Pakistan. The insurgent group implements Pakistan’s policies in Afghanistan. A group of terrorists in Badakhshan have [recently] changed their white flag into black,” said Faisal Begzad, governor of Badakhshan.

Meanwhile, Badakhshan police chief Ghulam Sakhi Ghafoori said they will stop Daesh activities by conducting military operations against the group.

“Our information reveals that a group of militants have raised black flags, claiming alliance to Daesh in Khastak area [in Yumgan district], but we are ready to eliminate any group that poses threat to Afghanistan’s security,” he said.

A number of Badakhshan residents and civil society activists said they urge the people to be united against Daesh and cooperate with the Afghan security forces in uprooting the terrorist group.

“Daesh is a project which comes after the Taliban project. This is a new project that has started activities in Badakhshan,” said Anisgul, a civil society activist in the province.

“Daesh will not succeed in Badakhshan, because the people hate the group and will never support it,” said Ghulam Haidar Atashpoor, a resident of the province.

The concerns come after most parts of Warduj and Yumgan districts are under control of the resurgent Taliban.

Meanwhile, Taliban issued a video where they rejected their support to Daesh rebels in the province.

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