Olomi Visits Faryab, Vows Districts Won’t Collapse

As insecurity has considerably spread through North, the Interior Minister Noor-ul-Haq Olomi visited the northwestern Faryab on Thursday where he promised to not let the province’s situation become like Kunduz.

Accompanied by Police and Army generals, Olomi stated the militants had not enough strength to seize control of districts.

His comments came weeks after a number of districts in northern provinces fell to the Taliban, especially in Kunduz and Badakhshan.

“Unlike to other provinces, we have come to Faryab before something happens here,” Olomi said, referring to security failure to take preventive measures ahead of any incident occurs.

A special unit of police forces has moved towards Faryab to eliminate all insurgent hideouts, Olomi told local officials and elders.

He vowed the security forces would have no mercy upon insurgents.

“We have started the move from Kunduz and will continue it to Baghlan, Samangan, Takhar, Faryab and Sar-e-Pul,” Olomi said, promising to not allow insurgents mark 2015 a year of success, as the Taliban announced after launching the summer offensive.

However the lawmakers from Faryab warned if government failed to prevent Taliban attacks on the province, many districts would likely collapse into the hands of Taliban.

“If Faryab situation is not taken serious and if it collapses, the government, from the president to the lowest level, will also be assumed collapsed,” Faryab MP Naqibullah Faiq warned.

Meanwhile, the elders in Faryab claimed about 3,000 families that had risen against the Taliban were currently being surrounded by the militants in Almar district.

Faryab is one of the restive provinces in North which has long experienced attacks by the Taliban and other Central Asian terror groups.

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