Olomi Warns Troops Handing Over Check Points

The Minister of Interior Noorulhaq Olomi told the Upper House on Sunday that insurgents have run an effective propaganda campaign in some districts resulting in security force members handing over their check points to the enemy.

In his address to the Senate, Olomi said that some soldiers have come under tremendous psychological pressure on the battle field and have handed over check points. He attributed the Taliban’s propaganda campaign as being one of the main reasons for the deteriorating security situation in the country.

Since the start of this year’s fighting season – April 24 – Afghanistan has witnessed the fall of some districts, especially in the north of the country. He said the handing over of check points was one of the reasons for districts falling into the Taliban’s hands.

“Officers of the check posts come under pressure through propaganda of the enemy; the check posts that have limited officers come under their influence and they hand over the check posts,” said Olomi.

Former deputy minister of interior, Mirza Muhammad Yarmand also raised the issue and said: “I think the intelligence field of every institution must actively work to prevent such propaganda.”

Meanwhile, the deputy spokesman for the ministry of defense Sawlat Waziri said that they were being very selective about who they recruited into the military.

“We have always tried to recruit individuals carefully, in order to prevent the influence of our enemies. We have also taken assurance upon recruitment,” said Waziri.

This fighting season is the first time that the Afghan National Security Forces have had to take full control of fighting insurgents following the withdrawal of foreign troops at the end of last year. In addition, anti-government armed groups have also taken a different approach this year. According to analysts, the battle strategy of anti-government armed groups has also changed in the north with attacks now being carried out by large groups of insurgents.

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