Over 100 Foreign Troops Deployed To Kunar


Kunar security officials said that at least 150 foreign troops have been deployed to the capital city Assadabad and other parts of the eastern province in the past week, in a bid to strengthen security in the province.

Kunar police chief Abdul Habib Sayed Kheli told TOLONews that the foreign troops have been redeployed after a two year break. This will help Afghan security forces maintain law-and-order in the province. The troops will also help with reconstruction projects in the province, Kheli said.

Meanwhile, a number of Kunar provincial council members and residents welcomed the move and said they hope that the troops will help secure the province.

A member of Kunar provincial council said the foreign troops will play a vital role in maintaining security in the province and that they should prioritize the fight against insurgency there.

Residents of Kunar called on the foreign troops to work closely with Afghan security forces in order to prevent civilian casualties in the province.

The Afghan National Defense and Security Forces have shouldered the security responsibility for the country since December last year. Foreign troops, under the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan number over 13,000 currently but are in a train, advise and assist capacity.

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