Over 150 Children, Teenagers In Bagram Prison


The Independent Human Rights Commission on Saturday said more than 150 children and teenagers are imprisoned in Bagram prison on charges of anti-national and foreign security crimes.

Abdullah Abid, child rights protection officer of the commission, said the children and teenagers should be freed and should be sent to juvenile training centers.

“According to our findings, 150 children are imprisoned in Bagram prison. They should be sent to juvenile training centers. We believe that the imprisonment of these children (in adult centers) violates their rights,” he said.

“Children’s special courts, which are required by law, are in six provinces but the children’s cases are assessed by other courts and this is a violation of children’s rights,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Justice said they have no plans to transfer the prisoners from Bagram to juvenile training centers in Kabul because they are kept separate from adult prisoners in Bagram.

“Children that have violated the law are kept in training and reform centers and we have established vocational training courses for them. The ministry of education has also plans to provide them with training programs,” said Justice Ministry spokesman Aman Riyazat.

A number of prosecutors meanwhile criticized government for a lack of training centers for children who have violated the law.

“I have seen cases of children that have been sent to reform and training centers for children but they have committed serious crimes after being freed from these centers,” said Lina, a prosecutor.

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