Pakistan Says It Treats All Terrorists Equally

After the U.S House of Represen¬tatives voted to pass a bill that subjects reimbursements and support to Pakistan worth $450 million to strict certification requirements, Pakistan said that its sincerity in the fight against terrorism should not doubted and that it treats all terrorists equally.

Pakistan’s External Affairs Ministry’s spokesman Nafees Zikria said his country fights terrorism without discrimination.

“Pakistan spares lots of efforts in the fight against terrorists and its sincerity in this regard should not be doubted. We have acted against all terrorist groups equally,” he said.

He added: “We have repeatedly said that doubting Pakistan is not only a mistake but it will help benefit those who are not willing to join peace in Afghanistan.”

He also said that they believe that peace is the only option to end violence and that a chance should be given to peace.

Meanwhile, President Ashraf Ghani’s deputy spokesman, Dawa Khan Menapal, once again called on Pakistan to act against terrorists equally.

“The demand of Afghan government from Pakistan is that it should act against Afghan people’s enemy as it acts against its own enemies,” he added.

Analysts meanwhile said they believe that the remarks by Pakistan are part of its duel-faced policies.

“We have not seen any practical move by Pakistan so far. It has not closed madrassas, terrorists’ training centers, it still supports Haqqani network and the groups and leaders that are against the Afghan government are still kept there in Pakistan,” said military affairs commentator Mirza Mohammad Yarmand.

This comes after Kabul announced that it does not have further expectations from Islamabad to bring the Taliban to the talks table and that the only thing that it wants from Pakistan is to act against terrorist groups equally.

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