Pakistani Beggars Carrying Out Intelligence Activities: MoI


The Afghan Ministry of Interior on Friday said Pakistani beggars are being used to conduct intelligence surveillance activities.

The ministry said Afghan security forces have found evidence to this effect.‎

An increase in poverty and unemployment in Pakistan has led to an increase in beggars. In turn they come to Kabul and other cities where they beg for a living, said officials.

“Unfortunately such people can be witness, our police also have some reports that some people are there who belong outside Afghanistan. They are Pakistani and they come here and beg on the streets, but in general such people are a headache and they can be involved in any kind of incident and their existence is questionable,” said Sediq Sediqqi MOI spokesman.

Meanwhile a number of analysts believe that the neglect by government in this regard can be dangerous and added it might be possible that the foreign beggars may have connections with terrorists and pave the way for terrorists to conduct attacks.

Some others believe that with the coming of holy Ramazan, foreign beggars not only carry out intelligence activities, but they misrepresent the real face of Afghan people.

“We are suspicious that there are some in the Kabul streets and from one side they damage Afghan people’s dignity and from the other side their existence has links with insecurity in Kabul,” said Bashir Bezhan a member of the Kabul Servants Institute (KSI).

But residents and poor people said that rich people must help the needy.

“They must be stopped. There are lots of needy people in Kabul like me. My rent is 5,000 (Afs), with six family members but I am jobless,” said Sheren Aqa, a beggar.

“It is not good for a person to ask for help and then conduct other activities. Islam religion is an honest religion, especially in the holy month of Ramazan needy people must be helped which is called sacrifice and dedication,” said Abdul Saboor, a Kabul resident.

However the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs said there were programs for beggars to get them off the streets but they would not comment on their connection with terrorist activities and connections with foreign intelligence services.

“Well maybe such kind of people exist but it is the responsibility of the security institutions to answer the question. In our working area we have big programs for gathering of poor and needy people and we have implemented the program and had a good result,” said Abdul Fatah Ashrar Ahmadzai ministry media adviser.

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