Parents of TOLO TV Staff Killed By Taliban Share Ordeal in Wake of Eid

Six months after a Taliban suicide bomber attacked a mini-bus carrying staff of TOLO TV, families who lost their loved ones in the bombing still remember the victims as the nation marks the Eid-al-Fitr festival.

Meanwhile, Reporters Without Borders on Friday said that any commitment to Afghanistan at the NATO Summit in Warsaw should be provided based on recommendations by the National Unity Government.

The organization urged NATO member countries and the Afghan government to also put their efforts into protecting and supporting the freedom of press and journalists in Afghanistan.

According to the statement, the killing of TOLO TV staff members clearly indicated the Taliban’s anti-peace and democracy policies.

Mehri Azizi was one of the seven staffers killed in the attack. However, her family are still struggling to deal with her death.

Reporters Without Borders has said that the attack on TOLO TV staff clarifies that the insurgent Taliban do not believe in democracy and peace, therefore the world community should not talk with the group unless it respects human rights.

“We are spending a miserable time since our daughter was martyred and we have not celebrated Eid, it is very difficult for a family,” said Gul Mohammad, Mehri’s father.

“I still feel that Mehri is alive, I feel that she has travelled to a far away place and then I take my mobile to make a call to ask her to return,” said Mehri’s sister in law Tammana.

Mehri’s family blasted the Afghan National Unity Government for not doing enough to serve justice on those who kill civilians

“When they (government) announce that they have captured suicide bombers here and there, then why does the government not execute them publicly,” Mehri’s father Gul Mohammad added.

According to Reporters Without Borders, the enemies of democracy and freedom of speech have intensified attacks on media and journalists in Afghanistan, urging the UN, Afghan government, European Union (EU) and NATO alliance to firmly support media and journalists in Afghanistan.

Back in January, the Taliban attacked a minibus carryijing staff of TOLO TV killing seven of the staffers and wounding more than 20. The attack on TOLO staff sparked international condemnation.


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