Parliament Summons Heads Of Security Branches


MPs on Wednesday summoned the three heads of security institutions to the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament) to answer questions over the serious security situation in the country.

The head of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) ………….., the Interior Minister …………. and the Defense Minister …… attended the session that was held behind closed doors – as requested by them and agreed to by MPs who put the matter to a vote.
Abdul Rauf Ibramimi, speaker of parliament, said: “We are in a sensitive situation and the meeting was held behind closed doors”.

But a number of MPs came out against meeting behind closed doors.

“People want to know what is going on in the country. How the enemy enters Kabul and reaches the doors of the ministry of defense. Why should the meeting be held behind closed doors,” Ghulam Hussain Nasiri, an MP said.

But other MPs disagree.

“If the questions and answers were delivered publically, it means that we help the enemy as they would hear it. Thus, it is better to discuss such matters behind closed doors,” Ghulam Farooq Majroj, another MP said.

This was parliament’s first session after the summer recess and only a few MPs were present. According to reports, the security officials responded to MPs questions regarding recent insecurity, Taliban activities along highways and the recent attacks in Kabul city.

Furthermore, a number of MPs say that the meeting ended without any specific results.

“The security officials did not have any specific plan for maintaining security, so the secret meeting was not productive,” Daud Kalakani, an MP said.

However, MPs also decided to summon Kabul’s garrison officials, responsible for maintaining Kabul city security, to Parliament’s Internal Security Commission to give answer questions over their perceived inability to prevent recent attacks in the capital.

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