Parwan Province Hosts Arghawan Festival


Hundreds of Afghans from various regions across the country on Thursday flocked to Parwan province for the Arghawan flower festival.

Organizers of the event have said that the festival is aimed at keeping the ancient tradition alive.

They said that the festival is also aimed at bolstering the culture of kindness and tolerance.

The Arghawan festival is held at the Gul Ghundi hill of Parwan province and attended by people from all walks of life including cultural dignitaries, civil society activists and politicians.

“The spring season is a matter of happiness and joy. And holding cultural festivals helps to appreciate our country better,” said spokesman for the ministry of education Mujib Mehradad.

“We can promote the culture of tolerance through using ideas and social values,” head of media department of the CEO office, Hashmatollah Dadfar said.

The festival also boasts music concerts, poetry gatherings and other festivities. A visible number of women also participated in the event.

“In the past women’s participation in such events was minimal. But the situation is changing now, the women want more freedom and this is their fundamental right,” Kabul resident Fatima Begzad said.

“Whatever the economic and security challenges may be, we are determined to safeguard our cultural heritages and festivals,” Ghazni resident Shahla Samim said.

“We oppose violence and insecurity. I call on all my countrymen to participate in their traditional festivals,” Balkh resident Ahmad Shoaib said.

This year’s Arghawan festival was widely welcomed by the people despite the unprecedented surge in violence and the economic recession.

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