Peace Talks With Quetta Shura Expected Soon, Politicians


Peace talks with Taliban’s Quetta Shura will start soon, a number of politicians involved in the process said on Tuesday.

The politicians said that they had convened a number of meetings with members of the Quetta Shura and the two sides are trying to finalize the venue for the talks.

Meanwhile, government officials have said that the national unity government must get involved in these talks.

A number of ex-government officials and politicians have said that they have made extensive efforts to start peace talks with the Taliban’s Quetta Shura and the group’s political office in Qatar.

“We had exchanged views and held talks with the Quetta Shura; the only issue is a proper venue which needs to be certified for the talks,” said chairman of Nahzat-e-Hambastagi Afghanistan party, Sayed Ishaq Gailani.

The efforts are also aimed at mediating a peace deal between the Taliban and government.

The politicians have also asked the Taliban to clarify their fundamental demands.

“If the Taliban want to conduct talks and table acceptable demands, these talks could produce an outcome,” said Anwarul Haq Ahadi, chairman of Afghanistan New National Front party.

In reference to the peace negotiation talks, meanwhile some ex-Taliban commanders have said that the efforts for peace made by the Afghan government and the High Peace Council (HPC) have not been enough, suggesting more solid steps need to be taken to help broker talks with the insurgent group.

“Until now all efforts carried out by the High Peace Council and government have not yielded any outcome,” said former Taliban minister Mullah Abdul Salam Raketi.

The National Unity Government meanwhile said it is unaware of these efforts to get the Taliban to the talks tables.

“We support any move which is taken for peace, but these measures must be taken in harmony with government and the High Peace Council,” said Jawed Faisal, deputy spokesman for the CEO.

Sharing a role in the political system, the complete withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan and bringing about amendments to the Afghan Constitution have been the main demands of the Taliban in the past. However government has rejected these demands.

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