Perpetrators Of Attack On TOLO TV Staffers Have No Place Among Afghans: Ghani


On the sidelinea of Fateha (prayer ceremony) for victims of last Wednesday’s suicide attack on staff members of TOLO TV, President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday said that perpetrators of the attack are neither Muslim, nor human nor Afghans.

Ghani who was one of the first people to attend the Fateha ceremony vowed to take revenge on those responsible and said that perpetrators of such attacks have no place among Afghans.

People from all walks of life, including former and current officials, attended the ceremony and strongly denounced the attack on staff members of TOLO TV.

The president’s special envoy for reforms and good governance, Ahmad Zai Massoud, said the attack was an attempt to silence freedom of expression. “We should continue on our path,” he said.

Former Vice President, Mohammad Karim Khalili, said militants want to hinder media. “They [militants] will never achieve their goals,” he added.

It is believed that “Black Wednesday” incident was aimed at silencing freedom of expression.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Abdul Bari Jahani, said the militants wanted to damage journalism and silence freedom of expression.

Nasrullah Stankzai, a professor at Kabul University, sees foreign hands behind the incident. He said with such attacks they [foreign countries] are trying to achieve their political and military goals in Afghanistan.

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