Police Commander's Family Takes Down Taliban Attackers

The family of a Laghman province police commander banded together recently and took down a group of Taliban insurgents who attacked their home.

Said Hassan Almas, the police commander, said he and his wife, his sons and daughters-in-law and children fought off the insurgents for over an hour and a half.

He said the insurgents attacked at about 11.30 pm while they were all asleep. According to police at least 47 insurgents were present during the gunfight.

The family managed to kill six and injure one. They drove the rest back during the battle. When security forces arrived to help, the remaining insurgents fled.

Officials said the Taliban demanded that Almas surrender to them. Insurgents said at the time if he did so they would let his family live.

However, Almas chose not to and instead ordered his children and wife to fight.

“They came and shouted for me to surrender. I told my kids that we will all fight against them,” said Almas.

However, one of his daughters-in-law was seriously wounded in the attack.

But the commander said his eldest son was to thank for having left the safety of the house where he was able to gun down a number of attackers. With him was his wife who stood by him handing him ammunition. She also, however, engaged in a gun battle with the Taliban from time to time.

“I first hit one of their gunmen, and then I kept fighting for an hour and half,” said Hassan Mohabbat, the commander’s son.

Another son Muhammad Shah also engaged in the gun fight and said: “I was on the roof when the Taliban came and asked us to surrender. I started shooting.”

Almas however said he is experienced in warfare and has fought for the past 30 years. Guns, he said, have turned into his day and night companion.

But this attack has forced him to leave his once safe, remote, home and move his family to a more secure area.

His wife also spoke of the incident and said that it was with the help of the women in the house that the Taliban were defeated that night.

“The only thing I could do was to reload the magazines and it give to my husband and sons.”

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