Police Officer Also Among Victims Of "Black Wednesday" Incident


Ajmal Ebrahimkhel, a police officer, was also among those killed in Wednesday’s suicide attack on staff members of TOLO TV.

Ebrahimkhel was there to ensure security of the parliament building and was expected to return home that very night after being on duty for a week.
He has left behind five children.

Ebrahimkhel’s relatives said that he was living in a rented house and some of his children are now sick.

“Ajmal’s son has recently learned how to speak and is asking his mother that ‘why are you crying?’ ‘Call my father to come’,” said Naqibullah, the victim’s uncle.

Meanwhile, two of the wounded staffers of TOLO TV were discharged from hospital.

Ali Akbari, who has sustained injuries in the incident, said he hope that other colleagues had not been killed and not left their children alone.

Sayed Hasib Sadat, a cameraman of TOLO TV, sustained injuries in the attack and was reunited with his family now.

Sadat’s duty was to capture such incidents with his camera, however, now he is unable to describe the incident. “The scene of incident cannot be described and I hope that no one will ever go through something like that,” he added.

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