Police Urged To Stop Crime Wave In Kabul's Khairkhana


Residents of Khairkhana area in Kabul’s PD15 on Saturday said they are concerned about a surge in crime in that part of the city and want police to put an end to it.

According to the residents, armed robberies, car theft and other crimes have increased in Khairkhana.

“We witnessed that a money exchanger was abducted by a number of men who were driving a police ranger. No one came to help the man despite his repeated appeal at that time,” said Raees Maqul, a resident of Khairkhana.

“Government is responsible to ensure our safety. We witness a crime incident almost every day. We are tired of the surge in crime in this area,” said Ali, another resident of Khairkhana.

Meanwhile, Fraidoon Obaidi, head of the crime investigation department of the Kabul police, said the crime has not increased as much as claimed by the residents.

“I think a number of Khairkhana residents have said this based on their emotions. According to our information, only one crime incident has occurred over the past week,” he added.

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