Police Woman Shot Dead in Parwan


Unidentified gunmen shot dead a policewoman in Parwan, just north of the capital Kabul, local officials said on Saturday.

The incident happened in Izat Aziz area of Jabal-e-Seraj district of the province when gunmen opened fire on Zarghona, the policewoman, who was on her way to her office. Provincial Police Chief, Mohammad Zaman Mamuzai said.

“We have arrested a person over the incident and investigations are underway,” he said.

“The policewoman had one child,” said officials.

The incident happened almost a week after a number of unidentified gunmen shot dead a school principal in Bagram province.

Dad Khuda Jahesh, the head of Sher Aqa Shaheed High School in Bagram district, was killed when school was finished for the day.

No group including the Taliban has so far claimed responsibility for the incidents.

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