Policewomen Gets Father To Leave Taliban


Najiba Dalawar, a policewoman from Jawzjan province, said that she joined the police ranks after almost being shot for “collaborating” with government forces while being held in the Taliban’s custody.

Twenty-year-old Dalawar has served as a policewoman for a year and is currently stationed at the Mazar-e-Sharif Police Training Center where she is undergoing three months of training.

Home for her is Sherbeg village in the district of Qushtapa of Jawzjan province.

Dalawar said that just over a year ago the Taliban kidnapped her after accusing her of collaborating with Afghan forces and kept her hostage for three days. During this time they wanted to kill her but with the help of tribal elders, she was released.

“Taliban took me and kept me for three days and nights then tribal elders told them that I am not a policewoman and then they gave a letter of guarantee [to this effect] to the Taliban and the Taliban released me and after that I came and I joined the police force,” said Dalawar.

She said that at the time her father was collaborating with the Taliban and he was fighting alongside them against the Afghan forces.

But she eventually managed to dissuade her father from fighting with the Taliban and got him to join the peace process.

Dalawar said that she only wants to serve her country and along with fellow police force members is trying to implement the law and prevent terrorist activities.

“When you wear the uniform you must defend the country, you must have dignity and no one can be a police officer if you are not educated or not a champion or not clever,” she said.

Officials at the police training center said Dalawar was a brave woman.

“Najiba’s heart is very big and she is unflinching and always defends her stronghold, government and government policies,” said Noor Alam Naweed the training center office manager.

Dalawar serves the country shoulder-to-shoulder with men and she said that she will defend her country to her last drop of blood.

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