Political Rifts Will Result In A Crisis: Danish


Second Vice President, Mohammad Sarwar Danish, said on Friday at an event to mark the 26th death anniversary of Sadiqi Nili, a former Jihadi leader, that the continuation of disagreements between national unity government (NUG) leaders will lead the country to a crisis.

He said that the lack of cooperation between NUG leaders, people and government make the country more unstable.

“Disagreements, negative and destructive competitions are spreading very fast and if it is not stopped, the country will face another crisis,” he said.

Meanwhile, First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum had a message read out and urged the political figures of the country to cooperate and to stand united.

“I advise all the political figures to set their decisions and performances in a way that do not harm people and political parties. Arrogance and monopolization will destroy the country,” he said in a message read out by Bashir Ahmad Tayyanj, spokesman for the National Movement Party.

Danish meanwhile insisted that government has a plan to assess the participation of all the tribes in the leadership of government institutions and will create the opportunity that all the ethnics groups living in the country will work in government departments and influence decisions that will be made by the NUG.

“We, the NUG leaders, political men and Afghan people must understand that unity and convergence without social justice and social balance is nonsense,” Danish said.

Mohammad Hussain Sadiqi Nili was born in Nili district of Daikundi province in 1937. He was one of the founders of Jihad in the central parts of Afghanistan and was killed by enemies in 1990 in the house of one of his relatives in the province.

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