President Deceives Public With False Figures: Critics


A number of military and political analysts said on Wednesday that President Ashraf Ghani last week deceived the public with false figures on military operations, which he disclosed during an address to both houses of parliament.

“In the past thirteen months the country’s brave security forces have conducted up to 40,000 activities and more than 16,000 decisive operations in different parts of the country,” said Ghani during his speech.

But military analysts slam these figures as false.

“Unfortunately the figurers they are providing are [from] operative and planning documents. And such real operations did not take place. If 10,000 operations were conducted and in each operation three Talibs were killed then 30,000 Talibs would be dead,” said Jawed Kohistani, a military analyst.

“The president’s remarks about the operations are very exaggerated and unreasonable. Either those who are providing the figures to the president are not honest or the president does not have the ability to distinguish [this himself],” said Ahmad Sayde, a political analyst.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said that 40,000 operations were conducted but that these included combative operations as well as military patrols, demining operations among others.

“The activities include patrols, clearances operations and demining exercises,” said MoI spokesman Sediq Sediqqi.

According to the security institutions’ figures, in 24 hours on average 110 combat operations are conducted. But the question raised was how then can the Taliban’s activities not be stopped.

“Taliban movements are carried out in groups of five to 10 persons and their exact identification needs to take place,” said Mirza Mohammad Yarmand, a former interior minister.

Experts believe that poor war management, the inability to gather good intelligence and the lack of coordination during operations are the main reasons government operations have a limited impact.

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