Presidential Palace Guards Detained For Assaulting Policeman

Kabul Police have arrested two guards from the Presidential Palace over the assault of a policeman who earlier claimed to have been beaten up by the guards of second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish.

Ahmad Aimal Qaderi, the policeman, was severely beaten up on Monday afternoon when he tried to stop their vehicles which they were driving in the wrong direction down a one way street in Kabul. The suspects allegedly told the victim they were Danish’s guards.

Meanwhile, the Kabul Police Chief Abdul Rahman Rahmani confirmed two of guards have been arrested over the incident.

“They have committed two crimes, first they beat up a public servant and second they used the name of senior officials,” Rahmani said, adding that their case will be referred to court soon.

The suspects, however, confessed to driving illegally and to assaulting the policeman.

“We often drive down that road in the wrong direction and they have always helped us but this time they refused to allow us and our other colleagues beat him up,” one of the suspects, Aziz Ahmad, said.

But the other suspect said he was present at the scene but was not involved in the assault.

“I was sitting in the car and I didn’t beat anyone,” Sayed Latif said.

In addition, Rahmani rejected Qaderi’s previous claims that those who beat him up were Danish’s guards. Danish also rejected the claims as baseless in a statement on Tuesday.

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