Private Company Gets Contract to Build Lash Jaween Road

The Ministry of Public Works has announced that 32 kilometers of the Lash Jaween road in Farah province will be contracted out to a private company.

Mahmood Baleegh, Minister of Public Works said that construction of the road will cost over $7 million USD, which will be paid out of the government’s development budget.

Officials have however assured the public that the contractor will be closely observed during the construction phase. The Ministry of Urban Development has said that the contractor is obligated to implement the project in accordance with the agreement conditions and within the agreed timeframe.

“We will try to closely monitor the project by the contractor, in order for the project to be implemented without any technical problems and in the agreed time frame. If the contractor is unable to implement the project, obviously, legal action will be taken,” said Baleegh.

Representatives from the contractor have said that the construction work of the project will be completed within the time frame.

“We will try to complete the project in the agreed manner and time,” says Habeeb Ulfat, contractor representative.

The first part of the road which will connect the center of Farah province to the Iranian border will be completed in three years.

Officials have also spoken of the start of the 18 km Arghande Kabul road. These officials have said that this road will cost 125 million Afghanis – a project funded though the World Bank.

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