Protesters Reject Commission Tasked To Assess Power Project

Members of the Enlightening Movement – which organized Monday’s mass march – on Tuesday rejected the president-assigned national commission to assess the electricity transfer route from Turkmenistan to Kabul.

They said government should first cancel the draft plan which allows the electricity to pass through Salang and then the commission should start its work.

“The public council of movement rejects the commission assigned by government unless government cancels the draft which was approved days back,” said Fakori Beheshti, a member of the public council of Enlightening Movement.

“The key to solve the problem is with the National Unity Government. It should overcome the issue by using its political skills, not by using its power,” said Sadiq Modabir, former head of the Council of Ministers secretariat, who is one of the protestors against the power project.

“We hope that the commission’s activities are the same as the demands of the protestors. We hope that the rifts end soon,” said university lecturer Juma Khan Mohammadi.

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