Provincial Budget Allocation On The Brussels Summit Agenda


The role of local institutions in the allocation of budgets is one of the key commitments of the Afghan government to its international partners – an issue that will come under scrutiny next month at the Brussels Summit.

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) Thursday said it had defined a plan in this respect and referred it to cabinet on the basis of which provincial governors will have a role in allocating budgets.

The Afghan cabinet has approved the plan, however a number of governors said that the plan so far has not been implemented.

Despite the endorsement of the plan by cabinet, governors on Thursday raised their concerns over its non-implementation.

“We will report on the reforms and income and budget spending; the more our budget spending graph is targeted, the more we can convince the international community at the Brussels Summit,” said MoF spokesman Ajmal Hamid Abdul Rahimzai.

“We recommended that all provinces come in the category of budgetary units but keeping in mind the population of every province and their requirements, their territory,” said governor of Herat Mohammad Asif Rahimi.

“The balance is not kept while preparing budgets for the provinces, in some areas more money is allocated while other areas get less. If a balance in the budget is valued for provinces and governors are provided with the authority to spend it, provinces will develop quickly,” said former governor of Paktia Samimullah Samim.

“Governors should be given a role in the budget issue, but professional cadres need to be included in terms of budget allocations,” said economic expert Siyar Quraishi.

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